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Newbie here. First post ever! - Hopeful - 20-09-2008

I'm beginning my adventure into the MT world solo now.  I have completed my course of training at M-Tec and now out looking for my second job.  I have been working for an individual for 6 months now and am really anxious to get a larger job.  A little background on me:  I have worked in retail for 14 years as a manager and finally had enough!!  I have 2 kids, 4-year-old boy and 15-month-old girl.  I would love to network with anyone at this point and have Yahoo Messenger if anyone wants to communicate on a daily basis.  Have a wonderful day to anyone reading my post! Big Grin

Re: Newbie here. First post ever! - sridhar - 23-09-2008

Welcome to MT Forum Sir!