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Making that decision to move on to a new opportunity.....
Attention home-based QAs (who are confident of delivering jobs directly to the client with at least 98.5% accuracy)...yes, we would like 99+% but let us get real... 
Do you know about our protection policy which extends for the first 2 months when a full-time QA joins us? 
Refer post ---
We have done our best to provide a protection policy that would give the ability to new QAs to ease into the new company without worrying about what/how they will earn to meet their needs even during their first couple of months with the new company...

We would like to welcome views and comments from members to make our policy better...
  • What are the challenges of someone who is considering a move to a better opportunity?
  • How to evaluate /verify if the new opportunity is really better?
  • What factors will influence firming up this decision to move?
  • Induction / mentoring at new organization?
  • Ability to earn and take care of the at least the minimum monthly commitments during training / transition phase?
  • What is the scope of the new employment - opportunities, growth?
  • Supportive supervision team...
  • Employment status - consultant/employee?
  • TDS / PF?
  • Transparency / compliance - Insurance, Form-16, Medical insurance, Food coupons...
  • Availability of work (enough for all)? Future?

Registered Office:
iData India Medical Documentation Private Limited
Regus Office Centre, Olympia Technology Park
Level 2, ALTIUS, 1-SIDCO Industrial Estate
Guindy, Chennai - 600032 India,
In addition to the above Protection Policy, we have now included a Smile limited time offer Smile for a "Joining Bonus" paid to QAs who join within 15 days of their first interaction with us.... this is to speed up the joining time as we have been asked to ramp up to full capacity faster than originally planned for...

You may have noted from our other post that the requirement from 40 QAs is now down to 15...

So the joining bonus will be limited to the first 15 QAs from now on...

Call or email for further details - thanks!!!

Done away with test batch before joining.

Work with us and show what you can do and get paid for it.
now, no problem with "that was a tough batch", "too little time", "too much errors to correct" etc...
edit live files and work your way into iData!

Recruitment in progress for MTs (transcriptionists) and QAs (Editors)...
There were some calls enquiring if the requirement mentioned was an old one or is it new...
it is new and now updating again - Dated - 10 Feb 2018

We are hiring direct uploaders - editors/QAs/MLS

send your resume to
if you do not get an email response in 3 days (yes, we are a bit overwhelmed with too many applications)...but do please call me up - 9840749517.

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