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Home Transcription
Be careful. Now a days HBT/HBMT are taken as those who can do direct uploading (DU) with very few blanks. And all the terrible dictations are passed onto them. If you are shot of being a DU or one who can give +99% accuracy then there will be penalties and heavy deductions. Please be clear while applying that you are looking for MT work and not as DU or MTQA. Some firms/companies will call their work as "Very Easy Dictations". Do not be fooled. There is no dictation that is easy unless you have been doing the same dictator for quite some time. Calling their audios as "easy" implies that the rates are at ground level. I wonder if SPSOFT is a recruiting agent too as at their website http://www.spsoftindia.com/ there is no mention of being in medical transcription. Also be careful of Venu Gopala Rao and his prodigies who will only milk you dry.

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