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(17-03-2015, 10:13 AM)admin Wrote: I know a big reputed hospital maintaining records for years, but it is manual. They assign a file to every patient and give the file ID with basic information in the form of an ID card to the patient. Whenever the patient goes to the hospital, he has to take prior appointment by phone and they will pull that file from their records room and send it to the doctor who is going to check you.

Never heard of Indian doctors requesting transcription services. God knows what they write on prescription. It can be read by only their own pharmacy.

More or less Indian Hospitals, to my observation, are also maintaining records similar to the US but not in a very precise manner as the US, reasons are many ...such as here our hospitals don't generate revenue for maintain at par US but for reputation and their own convenience at their own cost few corporate hospitals do practice the US pattern to some extent....but if it is implemented at par with US healthcare, then a big revolution can take place in maintaining Indian Healthcare document....few hospitals are aware of MTs are available to maintain their records and are hiring also but are treated as just data entry operators which is the unfortunate thing....lot of awareness is needed among the Indian hospitals about the potential of MTs and how good they can be used in maintaing their records...and if government takes initiatives like mandating health insurance in the country then its going to be boon to MTs and Indian Hospitals in terms of revenue.

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