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Hiring MT's and QA'a

We are looking for Proofer's / Editors / Medical Transcriptionists to work with us immediately. 

Please email me back with the details, charging per line, number of lines
you will Edit / Transcribe per day, etc.

Thanks again!

Prithi K
Ph: +91 40 4020 5010 / prithi@venbus.com
Is it home-based or office?
Hello Sir,
I am in urgent need of parttime homebased medical transcription. I am from Chandigarh, with 2 years of experience. I have also worked in Escription platform.

I (Nilesh Sirsikar) am looking for offline medical transcription (Home-Based) work. If you have any contact who can provide me work, please contact me via my e-mail ID.

Thank You!
Nilesh Sirsikar

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