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Cpl with space versus cpl without spaces
We often come across companies offering jobs at fixed salaries or more commonly line rates offered at rupee per line rate in India.  The rates are disgustingly low while the MTs toil for miserable rates.  I have discussed this in the past quite a few times in the past with no reaction from either employers or employees, except for one person who snarled that I needed to get off the forum, ADMIN AIS, I believe it was.  It was full moon that day perhaps that was why he looked up to the moon and howled.  Sadly, he took himself off of the forum and is perhaps searching for me to commit murder.
Anyway back to the point….
Has any medical transcriptionist, editor, QA etc. etc. ever wondered what the difference between the rate offered per line with space and without space is and more importantly, how much of income is lost if you apply for a job without space?
You lose about a minimum of 20% on the rate offered if line count is without space.
Consider an offer at say Rs. 1/- per line without space.  At 20% less it would actually work out to about Rs. 0.80.
Read the following example I came across:
HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: The patient is a 76-year-old white male admitted with congestive heart failure. The patient has a history of insulin-dependent diabetes, left great toe amputation, systemic lupus erythematosus, cataract extraction, and recent URI. Screening colonoscopy was performed a year ago, with negative findings. The patient denies nocturia, hesitancy, or frequency.

The above sentences consist of 385 characters/65 char including spaces = 5.923 lines. At the rate of Rs. 1 per line, it works out to Rs.5.92 for typing the above paragraph.

The sample paragraph contains 51 unpaid spaces, reducing the character count to 334.  By itself nothing much but when you are doing volume work try to imagine how much you lose….

Just a thought, my friends….just a thought.
Being in India we can not fight against this, which is already being done in US

So the moral of the story is search for greener pastures and make hay while sun shines.  So look out foe better opportunities as always being said.

We have other opportunities for who are stuck in MT field and would like to come out like general  transcription where you might be paid per minute not per hour which again is the issue in this field, content writing, proofing articles etc.

So all in all do not enter into this bhoolbhulaiyya.

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