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Another Part-time alternative
Hi is another great part-time alternative that I had found and it is absolutely great.  It is called Scribie...

First you guys need to have a paypal account and then you guys need to pass the test and after that you can earn 1$ for 6 minute file...It is not medical transcription, it is just some conversation or recordings...It can be anything...After your paypal account has been verified you will be given test and during the test you will get 10 chances in which you will have to pass...This process can take a whole lot of time...

For the test PLEASE SELECT ONLY GOOD AND EASY FILE...You can preview the audio and then take test...You have do the file in their software only, which is very easy...You can download the audio also and can do from expressscribe or any player you have.

I know, I know it is not that great income, but files are available all the time and you can listen to the audio before you start the file...If you think file is difficult you can always cancel the file...

you can withdraw even 2$ also...If you can finish 6 minute file in half hour then it is not that bad if you think...First day it took me 1 hour and now I am able to do within half hour...I am just doing this really as a time pass when I am totally free and have no jobs or just need some pocket cash...

It is legitimate you can check videos or other things by googling it or youtubing it...
sorry for delayed reply. is this day shift or night shift?
and are they honest with payments? few mt companies are ....
you can call 09900362047 or email
reply awaited
thanks and regards

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