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Converting text file to audio file
Converting text file to audio file OR converting text to speech.

I attended a course in medical transcription from a medical transcription training institute.  I then went to different medical transcription companies and applied for office based medical transcription work.  I was told by different medical transcription companies that I needed at least 1 to 2 years of experience in medical transcription work for office based transcription work and at least 2 to 3 years of medical transcription experience for home based transcription work.  The question is how to get medical transcription work experience?  I then did a search on internet for medical transcription sample files.  I collected as many medical transcription sample files as possible.  I then converted medical transcription sample files to audio files.  I then used audio files to transcribe.  I then compared transcribed documents with original sample files.  I did practice medical transcription by converting different medical transcription sample files into audio files and then hearing the audio files and transcribing them for nearly three months.  I then applied to different medical transcription companies for home based transcription work.  I used to pass the medical transcription test files given to me by different companies and finally I got a home based transcription work.  I never got any office based medical transcription work from any company but I finally got home based transcription work from different companies.

In summary, just attending a course in medical transcription is not enough for medical transcription work; you need to have some medical transcription work experience.

Thank you.
Hello Admin, I am visiting this forum after quite some time. Those wanting to practice on medical transcription files need to open a FREE a/c at 4shared.com and then download files from my a/c there: http://www.4shared.com/account/dir/GjQW5...tml?rnd=32
Do not ever be taken in or dream of becoming a home-based medical transcriber fresh after training. At least not until you have had 2-3 years full-time office-based experience in multispecialties.

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